Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tony Hawk: Ride

Surfboard in action above and do interesting tricks
Activision have got many benefits from the Tony Hawk franchise, because that is the game company will release its latest Tony Hawk title: Ride, which will be marketed together with the additional control lath-like shape skateboard. Tony Hawk will be the improvement especially in terms of movement on the control is made easier and more interesting. Changes in movement control has been a long time since issue, particularly when the developer team to see interesting things on the Wii board. Some of the features that came with this game, among others, show a different style according to the abilities and skills that can be played by all the key without using a complex combination of analog stick, or complicate enough.

Besides, this game has a collection of some trick, Vert, and speed challenge that allows players compete with each other with friends via hot seat mode. Its other features are also multiplayer games online and create your own skater and options at will. free to download

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This game can play in PC??

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