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Real Time Strategy Game to Bring the World War II with the Epic Scale

With the strategy game genre depict World War II may have many outstanding, but the Russian developer 3A Games still try to make a strategy game World War II with a new and interesting gameplay can still be enjoyed by the gamer. Before this game promo was presented at the Leipzig Games Convention 2008 years ago, when the game is called "Combat" as its title game in 2008 before the end of the developer decided to change its name to the "Officers" and the game is released in early 2009.

Massive Scale of War!
The most light from the gameplay Officers contention that the scale is very large, every war that happens in this game in the world map size 25 x 25 km. This makes a big war can take place for hours until its time. Gamers can choose a variety of freely available, such as the USSR, Germany, Alied Forces of the USA and UK, the setting used was the World War II that took place between 1939 until 1945. Some event of war in this game's historical setting is simply known as invansi Germany to Poland, USSR hostilities in Finland, and the famous battle with the Allied Force in Germany Normandy year 1943. Officers provide single player mode with a total of seven campaign, multiplayer mode is also available with the ability to play up to 8 total players.

Command Thousand of Soldiers!
Large-scale gameplay are not only limited to the world map area, but the gamer can control the unit up to 15,000 troops in a war that happened. Gamers can control the unit from the army infantry, tanks, military vehicles land is another. Officer of the unit there are 350 kinds of armament on land and 60 units of air armament, each party have any type of special troops with special abilities, for example: Germany has Tank Mark I, II, III and IV.

Officers have a visual graph that enough winsome, field-level engagement with the complex detail, army units have Shader and texture of the men-detail, the various objects such as plants, buildings can be destroyed by exposure attacks, this game also shows the effect of weather such as snow, rainfall and increase the beauty of graphic visual effects. Officers into the game favored by fans is a real time strategy game. Free to download

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