Wednesday, August 5, 2009

World of Warcraft Achieves 11Million Players

Towards the end of the year, closing in 2008, Blizzard released the expansion Wrath of The Lick King as both ekpansi which has long been awaited by every player World of Warcraft. Figures obtained for the sale of 2.8 million copies in just one day since this game is released.

Since Wrath of The Lick King, the number of players Wrath of The Lick King multiply the number of World of Warcraft players growing a lot, according to a survey of reached the 4 million people, add up the total amount of 11.5 million players . Year 2008 closed with the World of Warcraft game as tersukses throughout the year and successful online gaming rule.

Fenomenal make this game a lot of gamers like, because the story plot and visual effects into a very great attraction for the gamer to play this game. You want to know more about this game, and a free download click here.

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