Sunday, August 9, 2009

Samurai Shodown : Edge of Destiny

Fight the samurai in the world of 3D
Samurai Shodow many fans who felt disillusioned when Samurai Shodown: Warrior Rage that appear in the 3D format is not directly present with so smooth in the game. Parties themselves have to bring SNK Samurai Shodown into the 3D world as the end of the year 2009 will be released Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny Xbox 360 console. Gamers will find a few classic fighter who can play like Haohmaru, Galford and Hanzo Hattori, who has a unique, Gallows as the Viking warrior nation that looks to the main character Afro Samurai.

Style of play used by Edge of Destiny feels very different than any other series Samurai Shodown, as the 3D format, the move almost all the settings of the various characters change. If in the previous series issued through the movement of all movements on the joystick (eg, half-circle and quarter-circle) and pressing one button, so this time movements are been conducted with the key combination. This makes the game in the Edge of Destiny seem like SoulCalibur series. There are 4 buttons that you can use during a game of vertical slash, horizontal slash, kick and throw, which assault with a combination of new-gamer it can be launched movements belonging to your blade. Even though the gameplay is very different in the series before its taste but its case is not a barrier for fans Samurai Shodown series.

The Edge of Destiny od still retains some features that appear in the series before it, an example is the appearance Fatality, where gamers can finish off opponents with a quite sadistic methods such as cut his neck. That gamers need to do is just end the race with a strong slash, different from the 2D version, which appears on the fatality Edge Destiny appear more brutal thanks to the addition of visual effect is better.

For while this quality of graphics of the Edge of Destiny appear indifferent and look blocky, its main character who uses scarft as Hanzo Hattori or who have extreme hair like Haohmaru. Perhaps this happens because the position of character design for this game given to the Senri before it holds a similar position in the Samurai Shodown: Warrior Rage or this may be only just beginning because it was designed to stay the release of Edge of Destiny itself is quite long, this game Fans must be awaited by Samurai Shodown

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