Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Beginning gamer games will be taught about how to use the ability that is owned by Alex, troops destroyed a marked red on the radar. Continue to the next mission, go to the area to be marked in blue. Weapons and the power of Alex vary; from Blade, Claw, and Whip Hammer and each has distinctive advantages and shortages. Hammer for example form is effective to destroy the vehicle weight range of tank but make Alex into slow motion.

Cutscene after the military forces is complete, gamers will be faced with new enemies, namely the infected. They are quite dangerous and can drain your HP quickly. To finish off their attack and hold your opponent until a sign appears above their head and press the button for them to consume so Alex can restore its health.

After further deepens control, gamers will see the scene where the helicopter appears, is now the task of gamer in order to detect the position of Commander to consume. Note that with the people men-consume, Alex can be changed to the person to do to avoid detection or infiltration opponent. Once you consume commander, gamers will enter Critical Mass mode where Alex can make Devastator attack that is capable of producing large damage!, Saw the scene appear ready to enter the real mission. All missions must be gamer of 27 missions. You want to know more this game click here.

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