Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas is an action platformer game nuances and have a visual graph colors, a funny character designs, settings and gameplay that looks comical. Mini Ninjas glance this game looks like a children's game, but behind the view that its cartoonist, Mini Ninjas presents a game that is very solid and able to enchant all the gamers.

Prepare to Meet The Ninjas!
IO Interactive is taking the steps spelled out quite dramatically with the Mini Ninjas make, especially if they see that the developer is used to create the Hitman. Mini Ninjas but able to give a distinctive charm with its gameplay is not quite normal.
Flow Mini Ninjas told stories about "Samurai Warlord" evil. Warlord want to take this world by using the ancient science of magic called "Kuji Magic" with the knowledge he is able to change all the animals that have become a Pendekar a blood thirsty. Fate of the world depends on the "Mini Ninjas" named Hiro assigned Warlord defeated the cruel and save all the animals that changed.

Setting the story of the Mini Ninjas look funny, but here it is-the main attractions in this game. Apart from the story of a unique, Mini Ninjas gameplay focus is humorous, entertaining and can be addicted, according to his profession as a ninja, Hiro has a variety of special abilities including science ninja is capable of removing the various unique moment, Hiro has the ability to take over the soul of animals, with the ability This he can control a certain animal. This can assist in killing enemy troops, especially in the "boss battle" is found.

Unleash Your Ninja's Powers!
Hiro will not be alone in the mission sangan "Evil Samurai warlord" early-he accompanied his partner is called Futo. Throughout the game gamer will find a friendly ninja who is lain akan help Hiro. After meeting with them, gamers can control the ninja's, each ninja has a unique ability apart, their expertise will be useful in solving each puzzle that are found in Hiro or help defeat its enemies.

Mini Ninjas provide an entertaining game and is able to fascinate with its gameplay is unique. Visual display is a work of art with cirri withdrawn. Mini Ninjas is a pretty rare game that genre found its current. Free to Play click here

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