Friday, August 7, 2009


Galcon is a strategy game with the file size is only 10-15 mb, but the gamplay to provide a very exciting and adiktif, Galcon Game parable as a "drug or poison" that when gamers try to play it may be addicted to continue to play its.

Galcon is a simulated war game between the planet's epic in space. The kind of gameplay is a real time strategy, where the gamer bebagai control the planet, each planet has a production capacity of army units that vary depending on the little big planet it is. Gamer send troops war units to be used for aircraft grab another planet including the planet is dominated opponents.

Simple, fast-paced and Intense!
This game does not give the visual effect is extraordinary, or a game with a complex system, or a solid story flow. Then what the attraction this game? Galcon is a simple game, gamer only use the mouse to control all of its gameplay. Interesting things from this game from the field quickly and Intense. Galcon has a multiplayer mode where gamers can play with other gamers it. Galcon multiplayer mode is very adiktif and encourage gamers to continue to try to become the ruler among the most competitive gamer. This game has received an award "Top 10 Indenpendent Award 2007" as a game, although innovative, but simple, and the strategies that have elements of fun and entertaining. For Free to Download Click Here.

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