Friday, April 15, 2011

Spotify sets limits on its free music

Spotify sets limits on its free music. The company is implementing changes to its strong free streaming music . In this case, determined that after 6 months of registering, users can only listen to music for 10 hours per month and, after being played 5 times, can not access it again. The purpose of Spotify this measure is to encourage paid subscriptions to its users.

These restrictions will be implemented from the first day of the following May, and users can remove them through their transfer to a paid subscription, which also get other benefits that are available for this class of users, such as access mobile streams of high quality.

Spotify says the changes will affect users in particular to binge of free service, while the average user will not be affected with the limitation on reproductions for 7 out of 10 songs.

LogoAre also exploring the possibility of incorporating a free trial period in which all users will enjoy 30 days of Premium service.

In Spotify justified this action with the increase of users who were after its opening in other countries not previously involved.

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