Sunday, April 17, 2011

Games from the rumored Wii Remote Screen 2

Games from the rumored Wii Remote Screen 2. Nintendo 3DS, NGP and now Sony HD Wii 2. Launched three new systems and / or presented, and / or disclosed in just four months into the year 2011. Internet buzzes with burns and hundreds of topics, post and blog posts on that already is the surprise of the year in the sector: the new home console from Nintendo.

After cataract rumors these past 48 hours, all provided by "industry insiders"But not one of them so far confirmed officially by Nintendo, there must add new data on the characteristic control system that the company would implement in Japan Wii 2 or 'Project Café.

The 6-inch screen installed on the remote would not be HD as noted in the beginning according to new rumors, being lower at 720p resolution, the minimum for HD. The strange thing is that the pad allow data exchange between this and the system, allowing users to play "full game" in the controller, acting as a small screen television. At the moment it is impossible to state whether they would try the same Wii 2 games, mini games or you would use the style seen on GameCube titles like The Legend of Zelda: Fours Swords Adventures and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, which allowed the connection the portable Game Boy Advance to use additional ingame.

Another fact, Twitter by IGN news director, Jim Reilly, is that the first games of both First Party and Third Party publishers, including some leaks are as EA, Ubisoft and Activision, would make an appearance at E3 2011, various rumors claiming a "surprise"From Nintendo. It is still unknown whether these titles will be playable or just visible in the form of trailers. Stay tuned for new information to emerge on 'Project Cafe'. (source :

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