Thursday, August 6, 2009


Cloudphobia is a side-scrolling shooter game created by Japanese game developer called Fyu-Kosay. Fyu-Kosay is quite known that people in creating a variety of action or even a shooter game free, download-able, fun to play.

This game is one of the best game created Fyu-Kosay categories for a "free games". Cloudphobia to give a gameplay more than usual shooting game, though made by developer Japan, Cloudphobia have interpace in the English language that is easily understood and easy tutorial with a gamer mastered even by beginners.

Intense and Fast Action Shooter
The core gameplay Cloudphobia is a shooter game where gamers play a role as a robot Mecha duty to protect the mother ship from enemy attack, as this Cloudphobia have a "health system" that is quite unique. life than the HP, HP gamer should consider mother ship, mother ship of life is threatened if the enemy ship successfully through the attack or defense of the gamer. In other words, gamers must destroy all the possible enemy Is to maintain safety for the mother ship, but do not forget to consider safety of themselves.

As a free game, Claudphobia have a fantastic visual graphics, visual effects and background who have shown great detail, this game also has a level of difficulty that can be tailored to the ability of gamers. The challenge was given in this game is vary. Clodphobia is a game that should not be missed by gamers, you want to know more about this game please download here.

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