Monday, August 3, 2009


Wheelman is a driving game that combines the action genre with the exclamation, Wheelman made by the developer Midway Studios, the outline Wheelman gameplay more focused in the driving game, but the developer promises gameplay that is driving in this game is presented in scenes full of action and very Intense . Developers also said that gamers can come out of the vehicle and run a few missions of shooting scenes like action game.

Setting gameplay Wheelman made in a world open-world city of Barcelona as the reference. Figure protagonis in this game called Milo Burik and dotted terrible actor Vin Diesel voice Milo dotted fill. Gamers play a role as Milo attempted to maintain a living due to indirect involvement with the Mafia that occur in the city.

Intense Driving and Action Scene
Open world game in this world have many different "Destructible Environment", including buildings and roads that can be passed, gamers can even enter the office building with a vehicle for them to find a way short, Wheelman provide total 31 mission story and 105 side quest available. Driving mission in this game is vary, gamers can also use a range of capabilities to avoid the pursuit of the enemy or the police, some of the unique features in Wheleman is the ability to hijack vehicles of others, in every driving mission in this game always gives Intense scene and full vehicles with each other trying to destroy each other with each other.

Glance this game is similar to the action scenes Gear of Wars. Gamers can go out of their vehicle and use various weapons to kill enemies. Wheelman visual graphics have a very good, every scene is going to be the visual effect is very powerful explosion damaged the vehicle, including hiding the other vehicle. Wheelman not only a very good game but the appearance is very exciting, for fans "Driver, Getaway, Stranglehold" guaranteed certain game like this, Wheelman is a game full of action with great the visual effect.

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