Sunday, August 2, 2009

Assassin's Creed II

Experience the Revenge of the New Assassin

Success in the market but have not successfully meet the expectations gamer, one of the reasons why the gameplay is too complex and time consuming, to finish off his target Altair must go through a long process. This is encouraging Ubisoft to make various improvements and then applied in the second series that is Assassin's creed II.

settings that are presented in the game is in Venice in the year 1486, with the main figures is Ezio Firenze. He is a nobleman who used to live in luxury, but it all changed when her family is killed by other noble families due to a dirty conspiracy. In order to take revenge Ezio alter the course of life to be an Assassin as his ancestor, Altair Ibn-La'Ahad, he revealed the mastermind behind the conspiracy and murder all the parties involved therein.

Although not kill learn techniques such as Assassin's sect Hashshashin, Ezio can maneuver to finish off many enemies in life situations and conditions of any kind, he has the Hidden Blade is hidden behind the second arm Ezio people can kill 2 enemies at the same time, Ezio sophisticated gadget is also equipped artificial friend Leonardo da Vinci is a very useful in carrying out its duties as the Assassin., one of which is Hang Glider that allows Ezio float free in the City of Venice. Venice is also the city's water Ezio then have the ability to swim close to the opponent, and lurk in the water such as ninja, and a variety of additional features added by Ubisoft in Assassin Creed II, which makes the game become more interesting.

Ubisoft does not tear down all the features because many of the original first game that is still included. Among them the ability to freely explore the city and looking up at the structure of almost all types of movements aktobatis, but owing to a variety of improvements that made it all better than original game.

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